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National Oral Health Plan Action plan to prevent oral disease

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SupertoothNDK Inc. is a dental research and oral health promoting charity gathering, developing and sharing information with the goal of ending tooth decay.

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent global health problems and the second most costly diet related desease. It occurs when acid demineralisation exceeds saliva and fluoride remineralisation and effects more than 12 million Australians each year. Over a lifetime in excess of 70% of adult teeth will suffer from decay. It is our second most costly food related disease carrying an economic impact comparable to that of heart disease and diabetes. In the 2011-12 period approximately $8.3 billion was spent on dental services, representing 6% of total health expenditure. In 2013-14 there were 63,910 preventable dental hospitalisations of children under the age of 9, while in 2014-15 dental expenditure via the Child Dental Benefits Scheme was $20.5 million for extractions and over $96 million for fillings. These procedures could have be prevented with better dental care.

SuperToothNDK's aims include:-

  • The development of a natioanal database (My Health Record) to map the incidence of (D)ecayed,(M)issing and (F)illed (T)eeth
  • to continue to analyse teeth using the Australian synchrotron [The Tooth Fairy Project]
  • to develop oral health teaching methods in order to influence school STEM curriculum
  • to continue the research into better methods of decay prevention

Data Collection

Measured as - Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth (DMFT) and/or (S)Surfaces - a 2012-14 survey determined that dental caries (tooth decay) began to increase for children in 1999 and has fluctuating up and down since 2006. We have had no regular collection of DMFT data since 2010 or any "whole of population" data at all. It is vital for the dental health of our population to have available DMFT data not just for children but for all age groups.

The Tooth Fairy Project

Connected primary schools ask parents of 9-12 year old children to collect the baby molar teeth that fall out for the Tooth Fairy project to analyse in the Australian synchrotron. The project plans a device to add many teeth at once to the robotic arm of the Australian synchrotron in the hope of finding out why some individuals do not have faults in these teeth and how to best prevent the 80% of cavities that occur in others.


SuperToothNDK endeavours to influence primary and secondary school curriculum in order to bring added awareness to the issue of oral health. In addition to existing health education initiatives, we hope to leverage the huge growth in wellbeing programs in schools in Australia, with nine in 10 independents schools now offering a wellness service to students with public schools following suit.


X-ray tomography of molar teeth at La Trobe University have helped develop 3D representations, leading to glass models that can replicate how food is trapped, and how simple, more effective tooth care can block food access. ie. chewing sealant enhanced cheese before eating carbohydrate rich foods such as sugar confectionary. These sealants block food access into pit and fissure developmental faults in chewing surfaces where 80% of cavities occur and brushing can't reach.

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